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high rez abstract geo

Exhibitions Include:

2006 Camberwell Degree Show

2006 Hatfield House

2007 Annya Sand Gallery

2007 Red Door Gallery

2008 The Affordable Art Fair

2009 Holster Projects

 2017 Jonathan is currently showing work along side Ashraf Hanna and Petr Weigl at Minotti, Soho.   

Jonathan developed his immense capacity towards art from an early age. 

At school he studied History Of Art, Architecture and art. It was there that he started to explore the physical boundaries of clay in relation to form and purpose. Inspired by travelling and the natural world, he began to transform classical styles of pottery into more abstract forms.  

He continued to blur the lines between sculpture and ceramics at Camberwell University. It was there that he developed a notable series of "Bulls Heads" and "Vessels."  

Jonathan now specialises in modern abstract sculptures finished in clay, fibreglass, bronze and steel. 

Jonathan Page

Jonathan currently has sculpture being exhibited alongside works by Francis Bacon and Damien Hirst in a private collection. 

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